Cellulose insulation

The most important element in any new home build has got to be the insulation. Obviously a good insulation material should have a low thermal conductivity, but how that type of insulation is fitted is also as important.

Plastic rigid board types of insulation are attractive due to their low thermal conductivity, but even with very high standards of workmanship it is impossible to avoid small gaps and hence ensure that the insulation is 100% effective. Their health and sustainability is also questionable.

It can also be very difficult to install mineral or glass wool insulation without any gaps. Wool types of insulation usually settle over time and you often end up with no insulation at the top of the wall due to this settlement.


We primarily use Cellulose insulation in our homes. Benefits include:

  • A low thermal conductivity 0.040W/mK
  • Sustainable - made from recycled newspapers
  • When installed correctly, fills voids completely
  • Hygroscopic, can absorb and release moisture
  • Fire resistant, treated with boric salts
  • Phase shift/ decrement delay action helps to smooth the heating/cooling cycle

The job of installing insulation is commonly given to the labourer or unskilled worker, yet it is one of the most important elements of the construction of a new home. The fitting of the insulation is as important as the insulation itself. It is very important to get one company or person to supply and install as much of the insulation as possible.

For this reason, we supply and install the insulation for the entire house except for the ground floor slab. Our in-house installers are fully trained and make sure the insulation is correctly fitted and is continuous.